• The Story of Jim
    Jim was the busy COO of a software firm in Manhattan. His morning usually started around 7AM with a request from the CEO for updated profitability and utilization numbers ASAP. While brushing his teeth, he sent an email to the controller who informed him that finance is behind on last month’s financial statements and cannot get around to forecasting until tomorrow at the earliest. After a quick shower, Jim pinged his resource manager for utilization forecasts and she responded that […]
  • Power BI Export Limitations – Part 4/4
    “I fought Power BI and Power BI won.” In parts 1-3 of this series I reviewed the great lengths I went through to try to make Power BI do something that a user would expect in 2020 as an out of the box feature, namely export a meaningful amount of data from a visualization, into excel, with total rows intact. I want to be clear about one thing, Power BI is a great piece of reporting software. It’s very easy […]
  • Power BI Export Limitations – Part 3/4
    “It’s time to find out if we can ‘jailbreak’ Power BI” In part 1 and part 2 of this series I discussed how Power BI does not meet my clients stated requirements, of being able to download all of the underlying data, with totals regardless of size limits. In this final part I am going to discuss the several options for intercepting and reinterpreting the requests. Before I get into the nitty gritty here, I would like to very briefly […]
  • Power BI Export Limitations – Part 2/4
    “Surely the API supports unlimited exports and totals. We’ll just write a helper service leveraging the API” Nope. The Power BI REST API is not designed to allow you to get at your data directly. The API is really designed to help automate Power BI dev-ops functions, not for access to data. “No problem,” I thought, “I’ll just use the Power BI Javascript API to access the data.” No dice. Indeed the Javascript API makes a call to the data […]
  • Power BI Export Limitations – Part 1/4
    “We want to be able to export an unlimited number of rows from PowerBI from any filtered report, retaining aggregations and totals without the need for a developer to assist.” My heart sank a bit as I heard the request from my new client, a New York City municipal service. I was hoping to leverage Power BI Paginated reports which were released about a year ago. “Yes, we already considered that, but it’s too complicated for our business users,” the […]