Unlock the Potential of your data.

Power BI for Finance Attribution

Are you stuck with a mess of spreadsheets, databases and reporting solutions that don’t work well together?

Step 1 – Free Consultation

After your initial call to us, we will set up a follow up to review the current state of your data. During this call we will work together to determine a list of quick wins and longer term solutions.

Step 2 – Analysis and Modeling

When you engage with us we will do a thorough analysis of your data and source systems and determine an optimal attribution system. We design our attribution solutions to be flexible and complete so your data is fully viewable through different lenses.

Step 3 – Reporting and Attribution

Once the attribution model is complete and your data is piped into it, we develop your reports in Microsoft Power BI. Everything we develop is designed for scalability and security so you can have peace of mind.

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